Swish swish Ka-Ching!

Swish swish swish, Ka-Ching! Swish swish swish, Ka-Ching! Ah, the sound of money laundering.

As the FBI et al follow the trail of the Russian connection, it’s worth noting the evidence pointing to money laundering (is Paul Manfort’s wallet stuffed with the cleanest dirty money in town? perhaps only his Russian hairdresser knows).

So if real estate is an ideal coin-op laundry and real estate poster boy Donald T seems to have attracted surprisingly YUGE amounts of Russian investment at more than market price, does that suggest the Donald was in on the swindle or only benefiting from it.

Seems like there’s a good chance we may be faced with the question of whether ’tis nobler to believe the President duly elected by a minority of the vote with the help of Russian trolls was artfully managing the deal of the con, bought off to look the other way, or simply too naive to realize what he was benefiting from.

That said, the owner of a coin-op laundromat isn’t, of course, morally or legally responsible for the underwear and work clothes people lug to the laundromat and stuff in the washers. But what if the laundromat is designed and used for washing dirty cash? The moral and ethical and perhaps even legal equation shifts. What remains to be seen is whether the political equation shifts if the evidence of money laundering continues to build.

Swish swish swish, Ka-Ching! Swish swish swish, Ka-ching! Ah, the sweet smell of money laundering!