Jes Sayun

When I was a young child, my great grandmother, a woman from West Virginia, was found of adages.  Sixty some years later I don’t remember, for sure, just which ones, but I’m guessing “A stitch in time saves nine” was one of them.  The sense of it is clear: better do that now before it … Read more

Swish swish Ka-Ching!

Swish swish swish, Ka-Ching! Swish swish swish, Ka-Ching! Ah, the sound of money laundering. As the FBI et al follow the trail of the Russian connection, it’s worth noting the evidence pointing to money laundering (is Paul Manfort’s wallet stuffed with the cleanest dirty money in town? perhaps only his Russian hairdresser knows). So if … Read more

T. Texas Twiddle Considers His Belt Buckle

In a Time of Uncertainty and Change, T. Texas Twiddle Begins to Perceive Things in a New Light and Inadvertently Affirms, Denies, and Misconstrues Gender Equality: Darlin’ Does this buckle Make my belly Look big?

Steely Dan Henceforth To Be Steely Don

SickiLeekz reports (from a source? does that matter?) that President Trump will soon sign an executive decree that all condoms shall be imprinted with his image and that Steely Dan shall henceforth be rebranded Steely Don.  The President hopes this will help assuage the disappointment of the women of the country that he is no … Read more

In Praise of Muckraking

Welcome to ‘Til Twangdom Come.  This is a trial drive to see if I can find the gears, pop the clutch, and drive this thing (those of you who’ve only experience automatic transmissions, that last figure ran off the road and is wheel spinning in the ditch).  So in that spirit of test driving, I’ll … Read more